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The Cavendish was opened in 1874 as the Laboratory of Physics at the University of Cambridge, one of the first teaching laboratories in England. Research in the Cavendish has led to a number of the most important discoveries in physics.

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Take a virtual tour of the Museum at the Cavendish Laboratory
The Museum displays apparatus and results from across the Cavendish's 130 year history.
A Growing Laboratory
In 1974 the Cavendish was relocated to its current site in West Cambridge. Find out how the laboratory developed, and see its original site in Free School Lane.
The Cavendish Today
The Cavendish is an active laboratory for teaching and research. Explore the cutting-edge research of each of our current research groups' (external page).
Cambridge Physicists
Experiments couldn't take place without experimenters! Here are biographies of many of the key figures of the Cavendish.

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